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Directory of Process Servers Used for Courthouse Document Delivery Services

Easily find local Process Servers and Messengers for delivering legal documents to courthouses, judge's and offices. First, click on the state where you need document delivery assistance. After you arrive at the state page, you will be able to find numerous delivery services in the county or city of your choice.

Document delivery and process Serving services found in this directory expedite deliveries of courtesy copies and urgent legal documents mainly to Courthouses, Attorneys, Offices, Clerks, Judges Assistants and Judges. However, delivery services are also performed at government offices, real estate offices, private residences, sheriff sales, finance companies, and corporate offices. Document delivery services are available everyday of the year.

Three main reasons why you should hire a Process Server or Messenger for delivering courtesy copy documents:

1. Judicial departments handle many cases, they have limited paper budgets, court staff and Judicial Assistant has limited time to prepare for multiple cases and if courtesy copies are not provided the law clerks would spend all their time making copies.
2. Courtesy copies should be well organized preferably with an index page / table of contents and exhibits so select pages of interest are easy to find quickly, especially in court.
3. Another commonly known reason to deliver a courtesy copy is, many Judges and Judges Assistant have been known to notice vacating your case if you do not.

Process Servers and Messengers listed in this directory are known for reliable, on time and guaranteed delivery services.

Process Serving and Messenger services assure timely delivery of your documents to a person and location of your choice and confirm delivery was made by telephone and or email.

Our Process Servers and Messengers are prepared to swiftly deliver your courtesy copy or urgent documents on the same day, as long as you confirm your service request before 10:30 am local time.

Regardless of your timing needs, we handle all document delivery services with utmost care and a strong sense of urgency.

Please note that we use the terms "Process Server" and "Messenger" interchangeably to indicate that each service provider is one and the same. This ensures that when you contact a listed service provider, you'll be connecting with a professional who guarantees timely document delivery. Simply click on the state where you need document delivery, and you'll be directed to a page listing highly qualified and reliable Process Servers and Messengers.