Courtesy Copy document delivery and messenger services by A.C.E, Inc. currently manages the largest network of Process Servers and legal document messengers who specialize in time sensitive delivery of courtesy copies and urgent documents to judges, attorney's, clerks and, courthouse personnel. Our database of experienced and skilled courtesy copy document delivery agents afford our clients guaranteed on time delivery 95% of the time. If you are capable of meeting the needs of high maintenance clients and can handle expeditious messenger services please apply BY EMAIL ONLY NOW.

To be considered as one of our trusted courtesy copy document delivery agents you must have an active drivers license, agree to a background check, provide a minimum of five references and not have any criminal charges pending or convictions. Last, we are only considering experienced agents who have performed at least two hundred fifty document delivery services and will be able to pass a telephonic test relating to the courts and proper procedures for delivering legal documents. To be considered, we require you send us an introductory letter and a resume. Please include all contact information and references. You will be contacted within 24 hours if you meet the above criteria and apply properly.